School Update

Right now Ani is 11 years 2 months, Cameron is 9 years 6 months, Fritz is 4 years 9 months, and Adrian is 2 years 10 months.

Ani has completed 115 lessons of 7th grade. There are 160 total so she should finish the first week of July, and then she’ll be on break until the end of July. When we go back to school, she’ll be doing a 75 day “summer” school I’ve created for her. She’ll be doing Calvert 8th grade math, Maryland history, Calvert Script, Classical Academic Press’s Art of Argument and The Argument Builder, and a study skills course I’ve put together using The Teaching Company’s How to Be a Superstar Student videos as the base. She’ll finish that in November or December and then move on to 8th grade.

Cameron has finished 20 lessons of 3rd grade. He’s got 140 to go before he’s done, so it’ll be a while. He’ll be doing school longer into July than Ani will. He doesn’t get to stop until Fritz’s birthday. Calvert 3 is definitely a step up. He works hard, though, and did very well on most of his tests today. The only one he didn’t get an A on was reading.

Fritz has done 94 lessons of kindergarten. That leaves him with 66. I considered doubling up some lessons to get them done before his 5th birthday when we officially go on vacation (because my brother’s family arrives the next day), but I decided to just keep on doing one lesson at a time. He probably could handle accelerating a bit no problem, but there’s really no need to. It’s just me liking to tie things up with a nice bow before we take a longish (for us) break. He’ll finish kindergarten in August or September and then move on to first grade.

As for Adrian, I think I will keep on doing the book a week I’ve been doing with him. He likes them. It gives him a little bit of “school” time and doesn’t take much effort on my part. I will probably get Calvert pre-k for him in January and do one lesson a day with him. If I don’t do that, I’ll do the same thing with him that I did with Fritz: get pre-k around his 4th birthday and do it double speed. He already likes to “help” during Fritz’s kindergarten lessons. His favorite part is making words with the letter cards. Adrian loves to sound of the letters, wait for Fritz to read the word, and then repeat what Fritz said and get all excited like he read it himself (he knows all his letter sounds, but cannot blend yet).

So that’s where the kids are in school now and the basic future plan. We’re all loving Calvert for the three who are using it. I really wish we’d stuck with it from the beginning! Truly an awesome curriculum and worth every penny.


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