Lesson Learned

As we approached lesson 20 (and the first test) of Calvert 7, I kept telling Ani that studying outside of school time is very important and really paying attention to her lessons and taking notes and what not is a must. She’s gotten better about that in the last week or so and that shows in her checkpoint (short daily quiz) scores and in what she did well on her test (pretty much everything recent she is fabulously on).

Unfortunately, Sonlight was WAY too easy and superficial for her. She never had to try to do anything nor did she have to actually learn anything. Basically, she coasted and was taught to do the least amount possible. Unfortunately (well, fortunately, really), that just won’t work for Calvert. Calvert requires deeper thinking and real learning. And, of course, tests every 20 lessons so you can’t just listen, not really learn, and forget everything you heard.

She didn’t do terribly. She got mostly B’s, but did get a couple lower. She definitely could have done better. But, particularly since it was the first test, I didn’t expect her to do an incredible job. She’s never had tests like that before. Now she knows what to expect 20 lessons from now. She learned an excellent lesson about school and studying and learning. And now she’s looking forward to lesson 40 and her next test. She’s sure she’ll ace that one.


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