Primary Program and Stage Fright

Last Sunday was our ward’s Primary program. I always enjoy the Primary program. The kids are so cute and most are so excited to be up in front of everyone performing their songs and lines. This year I had three of my own children in it, the most I will ever have (Ani will turn 12 before the program and so won’t be in it the year Adrian turns 4 and is in Sunbeams and so is in the program for the first time). Ani and Cameron did great. Fritz is another story.

Fritz knows a bit of all the songs, but he barely sang. Not singing is not unusual among the 3 and 4 year olds. He danced and “conducted” along with the music person and punched the air and wiggled like crazy. He even made crazy faces. While this was very very amusing to many people in the audience, it wasn’t until later that I learned just why he was doing all that.

The kid has stage fright. In a major way.

Usually Fritz only uses the bathroom once at the most during church. Last Sunday? Five times in three hours! Before the end of the program, he had gone to sit on his teacher’s lap and then asked to go to me. He said he needed his Mommie. Soon after the Primary president brought him to me he told me he had to go potty yet again. And then he adamantly refused to go to Primary. They had been practicing for the program for two weeks and he was totally sure they still would be. It took the Primary president assuring him the program was over and he didn’t need to do that again (for a year at least) and his teacher picking him up and hugging him for him to go to the second half of Primary.

This week, Fritz has a fever so he’s not going to church. When I told him he was staying home with me, he said, “Good. I hate church.” I told him he doesn’t hate church, he just hated the Primary program and he said, “Yes. Never do that again.” He’s still not convinced they’re not going to make him do it again very soon. Hopefully next year his stage fright won’t be so bad.


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