Why Pre-K?

In addition to Why Calvert?, I’ve been asked why I decided to get pre-kindergarten for Fritz. I debated getting him kindergarten instead. He’s 4, but he could have done it no problem and already knows much of what is covered in pre-k. But in the end I decided that pre-k would be best for him.

There are a few reasons for that decision. First, this is his first introduction to school that is really organized and has lesson plans and is more than just playing. I wanted it to be fun (and Calvert Pre-K has definitely fit that bill!). Second, just because he CAN do a higher level right now, it doesn’t necessarily mean that’s a good idea. Calvert gets difficult pretty quick as you move through the grade levels. Third, there’s plenty of time for really organized and academic schooling so giving him a year or so of laid back school seemed like a good idea. And, fourth, I figured there would be things in the pre-k curriculum I never would’ve thought about addressing.

I am very glad we decided to go with pre-k. He has enjoyed it very much so far (about 1/4 through it). I was right that there have been things that have been good to cover that I otherwise would not have thought about. It’s been a perfect fit.

Now, we are going through the pre-k course faster than written. We double up on lessons (which is about an hour a day total). At this rate we will finish with it in November or December (started in July). Our plan is to move on to kindergarten in January. If Fritz continues to be able, we will double up on those lessons as well and he’ll enter first grade in the fall, a year earlier than if he was to attend public school.

Doing Calvert Pre-K first has been a perfect fit for Fritz. I am very glad we decided to start with that instead of going right into kindergarten.


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