The Calvert Pre-K Box

It amazes what awesome stuff comes in the Calvert boxes. Very complete and ready to go. The pre-k box is so fun! Here’s what we got in this wonderful box.

Calvert Pre-K Box

Calvert Pre-K Box
1. School Supply Pencil Box
2. Modeling Clay
3. Two Calvert School Pencils
4. Pencil Sharpener
5. Plastic Needle
6. A bunch of pipe cleaners in 5 colors
7. Watercolor Paints with Brush
8. Yarn
9. 5 each of four colors of unifix cubes
10. 8 Jumbo Crayons

Calvert Pre-K Box
11. Lauri A-Z Puzzle (capital letters)
12. Lauri Fit-a-Space puzzles (52 shapes that go in 16 discs that hold 3-4 shapes each, 3 laces, and an activity guide in a tote)
13. A big bag of buttons in assorted colors and shapes with laces

Calvert Pre-K Box
14. 2 packs of construction paper in assorted colors, 100 sheets each pack
15. 3 packs of manila drawing paper, 50 sheets each pack
16. Pad of blank white drawing paper

Calvert Pre-K Box
17. A pad of oversized newsprint paper
18. Kindergarten Fun oversized activity pages

Calvert Pre-K Box
19. Lesson Manual (it’s huge!)
20. Stories and Poems
21. Favorite Nursery Songs
22. Read-to-Me Storybook

Calvert Pre-K Box
23. Road to Reading Activity Book
24. Path to Math Activity Book
25. Open Eyes
Not pictured is the Nursery Rhyme CD. That was in the CD player when I took the pictures.

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