Cameron’s Writing Process

It takes Cameron about three Shurley English sessions to write a two-point paragraph. The first day he does the regular lesson as well as writing so I guess it’s more like two and a quarter sessions.

The first day he gets his topic and decides what his two points will be. I have him write them down and also write why he chose them. Then he writes his introductory sentence and his two-point sentence.

The second day he writes the rest of his rough draft. That’s a first point sentence and supporting sentence, second point sentence and supporting sentence, and a concluding sentence to sum it all up. He then gives me his paragraph and I copy it over for him correcting the spelling and we talk about any other (non-spelling) errors I find and we correct them.

The third day all he does is write his final draft by copying what I wrote out for him. Even though all it is is copying, this day actually takes him the longest because he has to pay careful attention to the spelling and getting the mix of capital and lowercase letters correct.

Writing is not easy for Cameron, particularly since his spelling is so horrible (and because of his learning disability – a storage, processing, and retrieval disorder – I am not holding my breath on his spelling improving any time soon, though we keep working at it in the hopes that it will). I am very happy with how Shurley English is teaching him – slowly and gently – how to write. Cameron gets a little frustrated at the process, but he is happy with the results.


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