We moved here over a year ago and the boys’ bedroom still wasn’t totally theirs. The closet was still filled with random craft stuff and what not. The big kids spent a couple days with my aunt so I figured I could clean the boys’ room while Cameron was gone (it’s much easier to get rid of stuff without the kid watching).

Yesterday I spent an hour or so cleaning. It was gross. Clearly, even when it has looked clean it has not been clean. I moved a lot of the little boys’ toys to a bin stored in the basement. I organized what I left upstairs (all the ones they regularly play with).

Today my mom and I attacked the closet. I wish I had taken before and after pictures. The difference is amazing. We threw away a bunch of junk. We ended up with three bags of stuff to donate, too.

Just a few more shelves to clean out and the boys’ room will be totally theirs!


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