A little quality control perhaps?

According to the labels in their underwear, Cameron and Fritz wear the same size. Now, this makes no sense. They both say size 6-8, they are both the same type of Hanes, but they are definitely not the same size (they were not purchased at the same time and one set has a sewn on “HANES” tag on the front while the other doesn’t). Cameron wears size 7 or 8, Fritz wears size 2 or 3 clothes.

If you hold one from each set of underwear up to each other there is a good inch difference (and another at least an inch between a size 6-8 pair that fits Cameron and the size 8-10 that was in the package with all the other size 6-8s).

Actually, the difference in size between them is a bit more or less than an inch. Not a single pair came out of the packages exactly the same as the others in the package. It was actually kind of strange. I mean, this is a major brand. Lack of quality control is definitely not something I expected.

But, since the one set is so much smaller than the other set, both my middle boys, with nearly 5 years between them, wear underwear that proclaim to be the same size. Even though they aren’t the same size at all.

(Though Fritz would tell you he prefers Cameron’s bigger ones because Fritz likes lots of space… kind of like the wizard at the Quidditch World Cup in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.)


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