Jell-O Experiment

When I eat Jell-O I always wonder if it’s really a solid or a liquid. And whether to chew or just swallow or to push it around my mouth allowing it to completely liquify. Saturday Jamie and Cameron did an experiment with some Jell-O Cameron had made (he’s our Jell-O boy… he loves making it and eating it). I got the idea for the experiment from, of all places, Bill Engvall.

They put some Jell-O in a bowl.
Jell-O Experiment

Then they microwaved it for 15 seconds.
Jell-O Experiment

When it came out it was totally and completely liquified.
Jell-O Experiment

The big question is how long did it actually take for it to liquify. They could’ve tried out different lengths of time, but that would be wasting Jell-O and Cameron would much rather just eat it.


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