Accidental Learning

Yesterday for science we used pH test strips to determine the pH of various things including baking soda, lemon juice, soda, and water. I decided to have the kids spit on some strips to see what their saliva pH is.

It just so happens that just before I handed Cameron his test strip, he took a big swig of the lemon juice. I figured that would mess up his results so I had him wait a couple minutes. I still expected his strip to turn orange or even red (acidic), but much to my surprise it turned green (basic)! Ani’s showed her saliva was right about neutral as expected.

So I decided to have Ani repeat what Cameron had done. She took a drink of the lemon juice, wait a couple minutes, spit on a pH test strip, and we watched it instantly turn green! By drinking something acidic she turned her saliva from neutral to basic.

And so, completely by accident, we learned that your body instantly releases something into your saliva to counteract acid in your mouth. Your body always wants you to stay right around that neutral point and has natural ways of doing so. I just love accidental learning like that!


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