Makes a Mother’s Heart Proud

A few months ago it became apparent to me that Ani is very behind in language arts. We used Sonlight Language Arts for almost 3 years and it is just too gentle or something because she wasn’t actually learning. Diamond Notes did nothing to actually teach her how to write (though it did teach her how to get organized for writing). Writing assignments gave little direction beyond “write a paragraph about…”

And so when we went back to school after Christmas we switched to Shurley English. Ani is in level 4. I am utterly amazed out what she has learned in just four weeks. She is catching up nicely (though it irritates her to no end that the lessons take as long as they do since Sonlight’s were so short).

Today she wrote her first well done paragraph. Shurley made it so easy with step by step instructions and lots of handholding. But she did it! She organized her thoughts and came up with a well-written paragraph. She even made sure to use her neatest handwriting. I am so proud of her! Her assignment was to write an expository paragraph about her favorite subjects, sports, or hobbies. Here’s what she wrote:

I have three favorite hobbies. My favorite hobbies are reading, drawing, and sewing. My first favorite hobby is reading. I like reading because it takes me away to another world. My second favorite hobby is drawing. I like drawing because I can use my imagination. My third favorite hobby is sewing. I like sewing because it’s challenging and makes me think. Those are my favorite hobbies, and I will always like them.


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