Labeling Like a Crazy Woman

Labeling Like a Crazy Woman

My cousin gave me a P-Touch label maker for Christmas. It is totally awesome. I had access to my mom’s, but I didn’t want to use it too much since it wasn’t mine. Now I can label things to my heart’s content.

Labeling Like a Crazy Woman


After much deliberating, thinking, boggled mind, etc. over the last about three months, I have final come to the conclusion of exactly what direction I want our homeschooling to go in. As soon as I said to myself “Self, this is what we should do” and I replied to myself “Self, we sure do come up with great ideas,” I felt such an immense relief. Details coming soon. Even though I have come to the conclusion of what I want to do, I do not have the exact plans thought out yet. But making that decision had to come first.


I think I have seen enough snow to last me 6 lifetimes. It is unusual for us to get a whole lot of snow at one time. This weekend was one of those times. Now it can all melt and we can move on with our lives and not see snow like this for another three or four dozen years.

Almost Christmas

How is that Christmas is a week from tomorrow? I am one who is usually all done and ready for Christmas by the end of October. Not this year. I haven’t even managed to buy Christmas cards, let alone send them out. I think people will be getting New Year’s Letters again (did that once before). I have some presents to get and make still, too. Time is just going by way too fast!

Learning to Read With the Scriptures

I’ve read before that missionaries who are struggling with the language are sometimes encouraged to help their learning along by reading the scriptures, specifically the Book of Mormon. There is a scene in The Other Side of Heaven (the movie and the book) where Elder Groberg did just that and afterward was able to speak the language.

My oldest son is not trying to learn to speak a foreign language, but he is trying to learn to read English. He reads a couple verses aloud at night when we read scriptures (currently New Testament) as a family. He is also trying his best to read his scriptures to himself. Neither are easy for an eight year old still struggling to learn to read at all.

But I’ve noticed something quite amazing. Since he started really trying to read his scriptures, his reading in general has improved greatly. I can totally see now why missionaries are sometimes given that advice. It really can work.