Just do your work!

Ani always complains that Cameron has less work than she does. This is true. He is also a few grade levels behind her. But really, she doesn’t have all that much more than he does. They both have 12 workboxes to complete and he usually has one or two more “fun” boxes than she has.

Yet she always finishes her work 1-2 hours after he does. Take today for example. She was almost done box 7 when Cameron finished his twelfth box. It took her almost 2 more hours to complete the last five boxes. For a lot of that time she sat there staring off into space.

She claims I am wrong, but if she would stay focused I really think she’d finish her work in no more than a half hour longer than it takes Cameron to finish his. She stays basically on task until Cameron is done. Then she sits and complains that she has so much more work than he does and if she had his work to do she’d get it done really fast, too (yes, very true, but no matter what she thinks his work is not really easy for him… it is just as challenging as her work is to her).


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