Imaginary Food

Fritz spends a lot of time eating and feeding us imaginary food. At first he just talked about what he was eating or giving us. Now he’ll tattle on his siblings if they eat or take his “food.”

The other evening we brushed off a spot on our bed and Fritz was so distressed because we brushed away his “food.” Jamie gave him a new pretend tray and Fritz looked at it and said he didn’t like what was on the “tray.”

A couple days ago he was giving my mom various bits of pretend food and told her to eat it. She pretended to eat and Fritz looked at her with a horrified expression and said “You don’t eat fork! You eat chicken!”

Eating imaginary food occupies him for up to an hour at a time quite regularly. This is totally going to be the child who sits for hours and watches a pretend baseball team play a game in front of him.


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