Fritz knows what a pretty girl is

Yesterday the sister missionaries serving in our ward came to dinner. One sister is from Thailand, though she’s been in the US most of the time for 5 or 6 years (she graduated from BYU; she is 26 now). She is absolutely beautiful and has just the most pleasant effervescent personality.

Well, Fritz, my little one month from turning 3 years old little guy, clearly thought this sister was pretty. He spent a lot of time showing off which is quite unusual for him. Usually he pretty much ignores visitors.

When the sisters were leaving, she went to shake his hand. He gets confused by handshakes because he is left-handed and wants to use that hand, but we’ve been trying to teach him to use his right hand. So you could see he was trying to figure out which hand to use and instead threw his arms around the sister’s legs, squeezed, and then turned and ran out of the room.

At least he has good taste!


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