As easy as…

Yesterday during school Cameron and I played Simile Shout Out. I gave him some words and he came up with similes using the words. One of the words was easy. Of course the first thing I thought of was “easy as pie.” That is not what Cameron came up with and I started thinking about that saying. How easy is pie anyway?

I mean, it’s easy to EAT pie, but it’s not easy to BAKE a pie. Have you ever tried to bake a pie from scratch? Not easy at all. Yet, we all say things were easy as pie but we don’t clarify what we mean. Yet we know what other people mean when they say it. We don’t think about it.

Cameron said “as easy as hanging up the phone.” Well, yes. Now, that is definitely easy. Provided you have hands. And know which button to press. And…


2 thoughts on “As easy as…

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