Observation Skills

I am not observant at all, but I am very impressed with people who have good observation skills. My favorite TV show currently is Psych. Shawn has such great observation skills that he can easily solve mysteries for the Santa Barbara Police Department. My other favorite TV show of all time is Diagnosis Murder. Dr. Sloan is the one with incredible observation skills in that one, routinely and easily solving murders.

On Psych, Shawn’s dad “created” Shawn to be so observant. He trained him to notice anything and everything by, among other things, having Shawn (as a child) close his eyes and answer questions about things around them. Ani and Cameron think that’s a wonderful game and often ask us to play it with them. And of course then Fritz has to play, too. We often play the game at dinner. I doubt they’ll ever have the observation skills of Shawn or Dr. Sloan (a photographic memory helps a lot!), but if they can be just a little more observant than I am (I really think I could witness a crime and never even realize it) that would be awesome.


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