Stories by Ani and Cameron

In art this week the kids had to write stories and then illustrate them in preparation for assembling them into book form. Here are the stories the kids came up with.


Once upon a time, there was a family of Miis. They loved to play sports. One day they all competed against each other in tennis. The scores were close. They kept being in a deuce. Finally, the team of Ani and Daddy won, beating the team of Cameron and Mommie. Cameron and Mommie challenged Ani and Daddy to a rematch. The Mii family lived happily ever after playing sports together.


Once there were three monsters. Now, these monsters were very friendly. All the kids loved to play with them, though the parents did not. One parent had a sword he always had with him all the time. The monsters and children wanted to play a trick on him. They closed in on him. He drew his sword and said, “Stay back. I’m warning you!” They all started to laugh. Soon they made friends and lived happily ever after.


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