Answered Prayers

A few years ago Cameron had several warts on his feet. All the home remedies failed to get rid of them. I read in a church magazine about a girl who prayed for her warts to go away and they did so we decided to start praying as a family for Cameron’s warts to go away. Within a month or two, they were gone.

Meanwhile, Ani had a few warts as well. She liked her warts and so refused to pray that they would go away. Over time she has decided she doesn’t like them after all. Home remedies haven’t worked and even having the doctor freeze off some of them did not work. So we started praying as a family that the warts would leave our family forever (even Fritz had developed a small one).

Fritz’s wart has disappeared. Ani’s warts are starting to fall off. She is always thrilled to tell me another one came off which means our prayers are being answered. This is a big thing because Ani has said in the past that Heavenly Father doesn’t answer her prayers. It’s pretty cool to see that yes, He does indeed answer her prayers, even for something as non-spiritual as a bunch of warts. The growth of her testimony from this has been wonderful to watch.


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