The Living Lightning Strike

For his birthday Cameron got a Webkinz he named Lightning Strike.
The Living Lightning Strike

Yesterday, much to Cameron’s excitement, he met a real horse named Squirt that looks exactly like a living, breathing version of Lightning Strike.
The Living Lightning Strike

Busy Week

Some weeks are busier than others. This past week was pretty quiet. Next week will be busy.

Sunday is church. Jamie and I are singing in the choir during that and Cameron has to give a talk at the end of primary. Then we’re going to pick up Ani from my parents’ house.

Monday Jamie has off from work (since he now works directly for the federal government instead of being a contractor he gets to do the compressed work schedule and so has every other Monday off). In the afternoon Ani and Cameron have a costume party at some friends’ house.

Tuesday we’re back to school after our little break. Tuesday night Jamie has Scouts at church.

Wednesday afternoon Ani has a half hour lesson and half hour horseback ride at a stable. It’s a Girl Scouts activity. In the evening I have the Relief Society book group. We read “The Goose Girl” by Shannon Hale. I loved it.

Thursday is Trunk or Treating at church. Good thing we went ahead and got costumes for the kids since they are using them three times this week!

Friday is Halloween. Jamie has to work that evening doing something that he can’t do during the day (upgrade or whatever). So either I cut off our lights while I take the kids Trick or Treating or they go out with our next door neighbors.

Next Saturday, blissfully, nothing is planned yet. I hope it doesn’t fill up. Even when it’s all fun stuff, it’s still tiring to have lots to do.

Displaying My Collection

I have a nativity collection. I have around 20 of them. Most are small. Some are big. One is huge. I display them year round because they make me happy to look at them. Normally I hate clutter, but I love having my nativities around and looking at them.

Of course with little hands around I have to be creative with where I put them. I have one on top of a bookcase in our dining room.

Another is on top of the corner cabinet that I inherited from my grandmother, also in the dining room.

Many of them, all of my small ones, are displayed on three shelves behind glass in that corner cabinet.

My favorite and largest one is displayed on top of the cabinet where we keep our dishes in the kitchen.

They are all out of reach of the kids (well, really they only need to be out of reach of Fritz at this point) but still in places where I can enjoy looking at them and having them around. They make me smile often.