Jamie has sleep apnea

This diagnosis is not a surprise. I’ve been bugging him to go to the doctor about it for months. He finally went to the doctor who referred him to a sleep doctor who sent him to the sleep clinic. After a sleep study Tuesday night he was told he has sleep apnea and will need to come back to be fitted for a CPAP or BiPAP machine.

I could have saved our insurance company a few hundred dollars and given them a diagnosis right off. After all, I’m the one spending my nights kicking and hitting Jamie and telling him to breathe.

It’s funny. I have two bed partners. My baby and my husband. My baby wakes me up once, sometimes twice, a night demanding to be fed. It’s my husband who makes me lose the most sleep, though, with his snoring and lack of breathing.

I’m looking forward to us both getting better sleep once he has that machine!


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