A Composition by Ani

Today’s writing assignment for Ani was to write a story about a coin. She had the option of telling the story from the point of view of the coin. She chose to do that and to make the story in the form of a journal entry. Here is what she wrote:

History: A mom has a quarter. She needs to buy food for her family. Here is the quarter’s story.*

Hi! I am a quarter in a mom’s purse. I am on my way to the store. Her family is very hungry and she needs to buy food. Okay. So we’re at the store. Oh! She’s buying bread, cheese, and milk. It all costs a quarter. I hope she uses me. Wheeee! She is using me. I’m so excited! The end.

*She actually wrote the history just to be sure I could understand her story was from the quarter’s point of view.


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