A name and a blessing

Today our baby will be officially given his name and he will be known everywhere, including in the records of the Church, as Adrian Lloyd. It’s such a special occasion that I actually ironed the two little boys’ overalls. Many people will be shocked by that statement, particularly my mother. I despise ironing. My mom doesn’t seem to mind it. Her mom apparently ironed anything and everything. I didn’t get that ironing gene. But iron their clothes this morning I did.

Anyway, I always love to see the dads take their tiny little babies up to the stand in the front and gather in a circle around the baby with their priesthood holding family, friends, and the bishopric. After the blessing it is customary for the dad to hold the baby up for all to see. It’s such a sweet moment.

We’re importing people from other wards to be in the circle around Adrian. In our defense, though, two of our friends recently moved out of our ward and the other person we’re “importing” is my dad. I just hope they’ve all been lifting weights recently. At 2 1/2 months old Adrian’s a 15 pound moose-baby!


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