Two Virginia Babies, Two Incorrect Birth Certificates

Ani and Cameron were born in Maryland. Ani’s birth certificate application was filled out by someone at the hospital where she was born and Cameron’s was filled out by the CNM who delivered him at the birthing center where he was born. Their birth certificates were both correct when we received them.

Fritz and Adrian were born in Virginia. Fritz’s birth certificate application was filled out by me and Adrian’s was filled out by one of my midwives. Both of their birth certificates were incorrect when we received them.

Fritz’s said he was born in the county where we live now, but he was born in a city. It’s an honest mistake I suppose. The city where he was born is also the name of a town in the county next door. Adrian’s birth certificate has my middle name spelled wrong. They left off the final letter.

So we had to get Fritz’s fixed and we have to get Adrian’s fixed. It’s a very easy process actually. When you call the vital records office there is an option to get a recorded message telling how to get errors like that fixed. Makes me wonder how often they do get things wrong that they have that message on there and so easy to get to.


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