Our Schedule

As I mentioned in a previous post, we’ve been using a schedule and it’s been working out really well for us. To flesh out the schedule I got Managers of Their Homes. I’m not even remotely as near scheduled as they are or they recommend. Instead I made it work for us, a family with a mom that doesn’t particularly “do” schedules.

Pretty much only Ani, Cameron, Fritz, and I are on the schedule. Jamie and Adrian are because the big kids wanted them on there. Jamie is mostly just listed as “work” and Adrian is mostly just listed as “whatever he wants to do!” For the rest of us, here is our daily schedule. We follow it basically, but don’t sweat it if we get totally off track, which we do a lot. Our days do go better when we follow it relatively closely, though.

7-8: Kids asleep, I do personal scripture study (I actually wake up around 6:30 usually)
8-9: Morning chores and get ready for the day
9-10:30: School (school for Fritz is 9-9:15 and then free time the rest of the time)
10:30-11: Free time (school almost always goes over and we catch up in free time and lunch time)
11-11:30: Lunch
11:30-1: Free time (Ani reads to herself out of a book of her choice from 11:30-12)
1-2: I read aloud to the kids from a book of the kids’ choice
2-3: Rest time for the kids (free time for me)
3-3:30: Afternoon snack
3:30-4: Free time
4-4:30: Afternoon chores
4:30-5: Free time for me, for the first 15 minutes the kids have free time and Ani reads to the boys for the second 15 minutes
5-5:30: I make dinner, Ani helps me, Cameron takes care of/plays with the little boys
5:30-6: Dinner
6-6:30: Family Scripture Study
6:30-8:30: Evening unscheduled time (Monday night is Family Home Evening, Wednesday night is Keepers/Contenders activities, two Thursdays a month Ani goes to Achievement at church)
8:30-9: Bedtime routine, kids go to bed at 9
9-9:15: Couple Scripture Study
9:15-10: Free time for me, I go to bed about 10


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