Out of my first three kids…

Two are afraid of the dark and one isn’t. The one who isn’t is 23 months old.

I wonder if it has to do with light and sleeping as babies. The house where we lived when Ani and Cameron were babies was very dark at night so we had to keep a hallway light on so I could see to attend to them during the night. We moved here when Fritz was a couple weeks old and there is enough ambient light coming through our bedroom window that we ditched the nightlight when he was still pretty small.

The big two refuse to go to sleep with their lights off, Fritz prefers to go to sleep with it as dark as possible. I’m curious to see what the new baby will prefer.

(P.S. No baby yet. He’s now tied with Fritz for my longest pregnancy, though by this point on the tenth day I was in labor and a couple hours from delivering Fritz. It can’t be long now. The full moon is tomorrow. Both of my other two boys were born at the full moon. Maybe Adrian just wants to join that club.)


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