Naughty yet clever kids

We are in the process of rearranging our computers. Getting everything completed has taken a backseat to getting everyone healthy over the last couple weeks, however, so changes have only been half made mostly. The iMac is now being used as our main computer, the eMac for school purposes, and the MacBook will be the server for things like Rosetta Stone. The iMac and MacBook have internet access. The kids are limited to 1 1/2 hours per day on the iMac.

For a couple days this week the big kids were being very secretive and doing a lot of whispering which of course made me suspicious. I was barely able to move at that point so mostly ignored it, but they were getting more and more sneaky, so Wednesday I went down to the rec room and Ani was nowhere to be found. I went into the unfinished side of the basement to get something and there was Ani hiding in there with the MacBook happily playing some on-line game. Apparently they had been using the internet with no time limit on the MacBook for a couple days.

When I told Jamie he wasn’t sure whether to be proud for figuring out how to get around their time limits or mad for them doing it. Of course they knew they had done something wrong so punishment was necessary. They will be able to use the iMac again tomorrow. Definitely clever, but still naughty.


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