Daddy-Kid Dates

While Jamie was in Colorado he went to see a couple movies. The kids decided that when he got back he’d have to take them to see movies. Of course then Fritz got sick and I got sick so the Daddy-Kid date movies waited until Monday.

First he took Ani to see Prince Caspian. Then he brought her home, we ate lunch, and he took Cameron to see Iron Man. He really pushed for Cameron to choose the new Indiana Jones movie since Jamie had seen Iron Man while in Colorado, but Cameron insisted on seeing Iron Man.

Of course Fritz was not very happy with Ian not being home much and taking his siblings out but not him. By the time Jamie and Cameron had been gone for a couple hours Fritz sat himself in the kitchen in front of the window and started calling “Daddy! Daddy!” and asking me “Where Daddy?” and “When Daddy home?” Guess Fritz needs a Daddy-Kid date, too.

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