This spring the allergies have been BAD for everyone in our family. I’ve probably had the easiest time. I tend to have fewer problems in the spring than in the winter for some reason, but I’ve still been congested this spring, but haven’t taken anything since it hasn’t been bad and I’m pregnant. Fritz of course has had a lot of problems and is on Allegra. Jamie has terrible allergies (including to honeysuckle of all things) and he’s taking Zyrtec. Cameron’s never had allergies and yet has had some problems this year. Benadryl has worked for him. Ani’s never showed allergies to pollen before either, but the last couple weeks she’s had a terrible time and Benadryl just isn’t working for her.

Wednesday she went on a hike with her Brownie troop. She had woken up with a sore throat from the post nasal drip and a bit of a sinus headache for the second time this week so I gave her two Benadryl (her max dose) before she left for the hike. When she got home her eyes were bloodshot and watery, her head was pounding, her throat was killing her, and she couldn’t stop sniffling. Poor kid looked terrible, but she said she had had a great time.

So since the Benadryl isn’t doing anything for her, now we’re giving her Claritin that Jamie had left over. It worked for him last year but not this year (he regularly has to change allergy medications) and there were a few left in the box when he switched to Zyrtec. Oddly enough the adult dose is the same as the child dose (ages 6 and up). Ani seems to be doing better, whether that is from the medication or from being inside in the air conditioning or from the bit of rain we’ve had washing away the pollen, who knows, but for now we’ll keep on with the Claritin since she’s one of those people who makes sure everyone knows when she doesn’t feel good.

Our pediatrician (who is also an allergist) said to keep Fritz on the Allegra through the end of May and then start reducing it until he’s off of it completely. End of May is when the pollens around here settle down. So, just a few more weeks and everyone should be feeling much better. This is just a really, really bad allergy year it seems.


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