Quiet Baby

The baby is due in just over a month. 5 weeks from today. I’m figuring on at least 6 more weeks. My other three have needed to go past their due dates and I don’t figure this one will be any different.

Ani and Cameron were both very, very quiet babies. This baby is just like them. Cameron had an anterior placenta. We don’t know for sure if Ani did or not. This baby does not. Fritz was a wild baby in utero. It was a one man party in there all the time.

It never bothered me that I rarely felt Ani and Cameron move. I didn’t know any different. Then I got pregnant with Fritz. I finally understood what people meant when they talked about active babies. This baby being quiet bothers me. I do know different now. He’s gotten quite a bit less active in the last week, but he’s never been much of a mover.

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