Swimming Lessons

The Parks and Rec magazine came out a while ago and the kids wanted to take some sort of class. We went through the options and at first they chose ice skating. Then they changed their minds to swimming.

So I was going to sign them up but then we got the idea that Jamie could teach them. We can use the neighborhood pool as much as we want for free and figured they could set a day of the week and time and have their regular lessons all summer long.

Ani thought the idea was great. She likes the idea of anything that means more time spent with Daddy. Cameron thought it was a terrible idea. Then I told him that Jamie had been a lifeguard and a competitive swimmer. All of a sudden, in Cameron’s eyes, his father was qualified to teach swimming lessons.

They’re starting their classes today.

Naughty yet clever kids

We are in the process of rearranging our computers. Getting everything completed has taken a backseat to getting everyone healthy over the last couple weeks, however, so changes have only been half made mostly. The iMac is now being used as our main computer, the eMac for school purposes, and the MacBook will be the server for things like Rosetta Stone. The iMac and MacBook have internet access. The kids are limited to 1 1/2 hours per day on the iMac.

For a couple days this week the big kids were being very secretive and doing a lot of whispering which of course made me suspicious. I was barely able to move at that point so mostly ignored it, but they were getting more and more sneaky, so Wednesday I went down to the rec room and Ani was nowhere to be found. I went into the unfinished side of the basement to get something and there was Ani hiding in there with the MacBook happily playing some on-line game. Apparently they had been using the internet with no time limit on the MacBook for a couple days.

When I told Jamie he wasn’t sure whether to be proud for figuring out how to get around their time limits or mad for them doing it. Of course they knew they had done something wrong so punishment was necessary. They will be able to use the iMac again tomorrow. Definitely clever, but still naughty.

Daddy-Kid Dates

While Jamie was in Colorado he went to see a couple movies. The kids decided that when he got back he’d have to take them to see movies. Of course then Fritz got sick and I got sick so the Daddy-Kid date movies waited until Monday.

First he took Ani to see Prince Caspian. Then he brought her home, we ate lunch, and he took Cameron to see Iron Man. He really pushed for Cameron to choose the new Indiana Jones movie since Jamie had seen Iron Man while in Colorado, but Cameron insisted on seeing Iron Man.

Of course Fritz was not very happy with Ian not being home much and taking his siblings out but not him. By the time Jamie and Cameron had been gone for a couple hours Fritz sat himself in the kitchen in front of the window and started calling “Daddy! Daddy!” and asking me “Where Daddy?” and “When Daddy home?” Guess Fritz needs a Daddy-Kid date, too.

My Weird Body

I have a huge aversion to sweat. Since I’ve been sick I’ve been sweating a whole lot. I think my aversion stems from being allergic to something in my sweat and if it sits on my skin for too long I end up with a nasty rash. I can’t even wear my wedding ring all the time because I get a rash underneath it.

Over time I have developed another weird thing that apparently actually goes along with the allergy to my own sweat. If I take a bath that is too hot I get welts on my ankles. They itch and look horrible. Benadryl cream takes care of it. It’s really strange.

The welty thingy is another reason I’m not sure if I’ll have this baby in the birth tub or not. The tub is in my basement ready to be set up if I decide to use it. I guess time (and being in labor) will tell.


How dilated (or not) you are at 36 weeks or later does not indicate you will (or won’t) go into labor soon. Having contractions that fizzle out (or not) does not indicate you will (or won’t) go into labor soon. Dilation prior to labor only means you have that much less to dilate when you actually go into labor. No one, not even a doctor, can tell you when you will go into labor based on dilation.

More Sickies

We spent several hours Monday night (really early Tuesday morning) in the ER. Fritz and I arrived in an ambulance and Jamie and the big kids followed in the van. Sunday Fritz started running a fever and we assumed it was just the virus going around the toddlers at church. The other little ones just had a fever for a few days and no other issues. Fritz, however, never does things like everyone else.

By Monday night he was really sick. Clearly by the way he was coughing he had croup. Again. He woke up at 11 and 1 and filling the bathroom with steam from the shower helped his strider go away so he could settle down and sleep. Then he woke up at 3 and we tried the whole thing again, only this time he couldn’t get his breath and the steam did nothing. Since he was having so much trouble getting air and sounding worse and worse we called 911. They got here and checked him over and after hearing his cough they said he really should be taken to the ER.

By the time we got to the ER his breathing was much better except when he’d start coughing again. He had x-rays (definitively confirmed the diagnosis of croup) and they tried to give him oral steroids. Fritz, my child who loves to take medicine, spit it right out. The doctor was not surprised since it apparently tastes like liquid aluminum. Yummy. So Fritz got a shot of steroids (followed by lots of glaring at the nurse who gave him the shot).

His fever broke that morning and the steroids have done their job of opening his airway and letting him breathe normally. He’s got a nasty cough (anyone who didn’t know he had croup would now think he just has a really bad cold) and sometimes coughs so much he throws up. Poor little guy.

And of course he has shared his germs. Cameron and I have coughs, now, too. It’s much more occasional than Fritz’s and not nearly so severe, but still not pleasant. Especially for me. Coughing at 9 months pregnant really isn’t my idea of a good time.