Clutter really is an amazing thing. It seems like it just creeps up on you. You put something on a flat surface and BAM! it’s full. It’s like it breeds or something.

I was raised by two packrats. Now, there is something to be said for being a packrat. I don’t think my parents have ever had to buy something to replace something else that they got rid of a few months before (though I’d be willing to bet they have had to buy something to replace something else they just couldn’t find anymore).

I am not a packrat. I hate clutter. It makes me anxious and irritable. And yet I wage a neverending battle against clutter.

Yesterday was Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day and so Jamie took the two big ones with him to work. Jamie entertains himself well and cleaning with him around is pretty easy so I decided to take the opportunity to clean out the refrigerator and the upstairs closet. Bonus that today is trash day so we could just put those bags of junk right out yesterday evening.

The refrigerator demands to be cleaned out regularly so for the most part it was more rearranging than anything else. Of course there were things like those leftover eggs that we dyed at Easter that needed to go. Mostly, though, our refrigerator was suffering from an acute case of shopping at Costco and just throwing things in randomly after we got home. Now it is lovely, everything fits, and it is much easier to find what we are looking for.

The upstairs closet was a whole different story. It was waist deep with things the kids had dumped in there. We’ve been ignoring it for months, ever since the kids “cleaned” upstairs and caused it to suddenly be waist deep. So I went through everything and ended up with two bags of trash and one bag of sheets and things to be donated to Goodwill. There were bits and pieces of partially eaten food in there and thank goodness there was absolutely no evidence of things that had come in to eat those bits and pieces. I got everything nicely arranged and now the door actually opens and closes easily and it’s once again useful for storing our games and towels and things. There’s even a whole empty shelf in there now.

There is a very nice thing about cleaning and decluttering places like that closet. The feeling afterwards is wonderful, particularly when I look in there for something later. I also love the feeling when the bags of junk are picked up. There’s just something satisfying about it.

(Though I am now wondering what in the world I was thinking cleaning when I have sciatica. But then I also want to rearrange Ani’s room, clean our our bedroom closet, and clean the cabinets in the bathroom. I can’t help it. I’m almost 34 weeks pregnant. The baby is making me do it.)


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