My toddler the druggie

Fritz has had more medications in his life of less than 2 years than Ani in 8 years and Cameron in 6 1/2 combined. Luckily he likes taking medicine. He’s loved all three types of antibiotics he’s had (Amoxicillin, Augmentin, and Omnicef), Benadryl in liquid or chewable form, and the liquid Allegra he’s on now. I’m very happy about this since I’ve heard horror stories about getting medications into little ones.

For Family Home Evening Monday night we talked about how sometimes people offer us things that are bad for us like cigarettes, alcohol, or illegal drugs (which of course led to a discussion about what types of drugs – prescription prescribed for us and over the counter according to the directions – are okay and which are not).

We role-played with Ani and Cameron what they would say if someone offered them something bad for them. Jamie played the part of the person offering. For cigarettes he used a pen. For alcohol he used an empty glass. For illegal drugs he got out one of Fritz’s dosing syringes. Fritz, who until this point had been kind of wandering around the living room and seeming not to be paying any attention, comes running over quite happily and opened his mouth nice and wide. Apparently he recognized his dosing syringe and thought it was time to take his medicine!

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