School for Fritz

As I’ve mentioned before Fritz thinks he’s at least as old as his brother and sister. While the big kids are doing school, he’s been scribbling in a Handwriting Without Tears book that we decided not to use. He “answers” the comprehension questions after reading with his toddler gibberish. He’s started loving being read to and bringing me books and asking me to read them.

So we decided to do a little school with him. Something small and special for just him. I bought Turn Your Little Ones into Book of Mormon Whiz Kids. I wasn’t planning to do it with him quite yet, but by stretching the lessons out to last over 36 weeks, I think he’ll have fun with it. We’ll repeat it all when he’s bigger, too, I figure. The big kids are happy about being able to “help” teach Fritz and they’ll be learning stuff as well.

I also found a curriculum (if you can call it that) on Letter of the Week for toddlers. It’s very basic, mostly just fun and reading. He’ll do a few weeks of the toddler/under 2 program and then move on to the slightly more academic 2+ program after his birthday in July. I have no illusions that he’ll learn his letters or numbers or anything else, but I do figure he’ll have fun. He’s enjoying it so far anyway.


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