Wish us luck!

Fritz and I are on our way home from Utah this morning. We have to change planes in Denver and will get in to BWI late this evening. Tomorrow we’ll be picking up Ani and Cameron at my parents. Ani reached her limit of momma being gone at 2 weeks and is very happy I am finally coming home.

Meanwhile, Fritz got sick requiring a late night visit to the 24 hour pediatrician on Tuesday night. What started as allergies progressed to a sinus infection and then to a more general infection in his eyes and ear. His one eardrum wasn’t moving at all so he’s on oral antibiotics and antibiotic eye drops for those now. He’s fine now so I don’t think that will cause any problems with flying home. Had we waited a day or two to treat him we’d likely have had to delay coming home until he was better.

We’ve had a great time in Utah. It’s been great visiting with my best friend and her little girl and Fritz have had a ball together, and it’s been nice to be able to have just Fritz for once, but it’ll be very nice to get back to my whole family all together again.


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