Fritz Bits

1.) Fritz recently learned to fold his arms during prayers. When I finished dinner the other night I folded my arms and put them on the table. Fritz noticed and put down his food, folded his arms, and started trying to get everyone else to fold their arms, too. Apparently he thought it was time to pray again.

2.) When Ani, Jamie, and I got out our scriptures the other night for family scripture study, Fritz went over to the bookcase and came back with a book. His choice? Midwives by Chris Bohjalian.

3.) When we read scriptures as a family I say parts of a scripture to Cameron and he repeats what I say when it is time for his verse. Last night Fritz decided he wanted to have a scripture to say, too. Some of the words he was able to parrot, but mostly he repeated his verse in gibberish. He was quite proud to participate like the rest of us.


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