Pass the bleach, please

I don’t use bleach, but I think my house needs to be doused with it right now. We have been afflicted with one illness after another for the last month. I am so ready for the sickies to depart. I also am so ready to get out of the house. We’ve been stuck here since Wednesday last week.

Cameron started with a cough the week before Christmas. Then I got it a week or two later. Eventually Jamie got it, too. Then Cameron got chicken pox. I got sicker and have a handful of suspicious-looking spots. Then Fritz developed croup, though we strongly suspect it’s actually RSV. He was bad enough we almost took him to the ER Thursday night, but he finally ate something and drank some water and perked back up. He’s going to the doctor this morning since he just seems to be getting worse and worse. Now Ani’s got the cough. I’m just waiting for her to break out in spots. Ugh.


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