Experimenting with Cooking

On the heel of the big kids’ mini Iron Chef competition, Cameron made me a bowl of applesauce with cinnamon and sugar in it, or so I thought. It left a slight burning sensation in my mouth and throat but I didn’t really think anything of it.

Then I learned that they had made their own special cinnamon and sugar. They added a secret ingredient: Chili Powder. Yup. That would do it.

Iron Chefs

Ani and Cameron love to watch the Food Network. This month we’re following The Next Iron Chef competition. On episode 2 the chefs had to create a one-bite food.

Yesterday Ani and Cameron decided to try their hands at making one-bite foods. They each mixed olives, sweet relish, tarragon, and a little lemon juice. It was surprisingly good (of course my opinion may be skewed since I AM pregnant…). Then they mixed frozen strawberries (microwaved to thaw them – Ani cooked hers long enough for it to explode) and chocolate icing. Ani topped hers with sugar.

So they presented their one-bite foods to me along with a score sheet. They could each get up to 10 points for plating and 20 points for taste. They described what they had made and I tasted everything. Cameron won with 23 points to Ani’s 21. Ani lost points because her dessert wasn’t very good and Cameron lost points on plating for his olive dish though he got extra points for the artistry of the plating of his dessert.


Charlotte Mason used the term “twaddle” to describe anything (books, but TV shows and movies can be included in my opinion) that wasn’t worthwhile or educational. She felt children should spend their time reading things that were definitely not twaddle.

I don’t agree. I think some twaddle is fine, even good. I enjoy reading educational books like 1491 and Truman. But sometimes it’s nice to read something that doesn’t take as much brain power like the Diagnosis Murder series and the Traveling Pants series. I think that watching educational TV shows is good. But it is also fine to watch something purely for entertainment sometimes.

Twaddle is not a bad thing. A steady diet of twaddle is. Then again, I think a steady diet of all non-twaddly things is also bad.

My Little Massage Therapists

My big kids are very concerned with making sure I feel okay and am comfortable. No one has told them to do this, but they clearly view pregnancy as a “delicate condition.” Of course if your mom was nauseas all the time and threw up a few times a day you’d probably view pregnancy as a delicate condition, too.

I’m definitely not complaining. For the last two evenings Ani has volunteered to give me a massage and brush my hair. Cameron has joined in and she even got Fritz to rub my foot briefly last night. So twice now I’ve gotten a nice hair brushing (useful since my hair has been awful ever since I got pregnant), and foot, face, and shoulder rub. I could get used to this.

Really cute and a little gross

I’ve been throwing up three or four times a day for the last week. Fritz generally accompanies me to the bathroom no matter what my reason for going in there so he’s had lots of chances to watch me throw up.

He has now started running to the toilet nearly every time as I head into the bathroom. He leans over the toilet and opens his mouth and spits. Then he gets a piece of toilet paper and pats his mouth and drops it in the toilet. After I throw up he pats my mouth with toilet paper, too. Cute, but gross, too.