Cloth diapers have come a really long way since my mom was folding and pinning and covering with plastic pants. For that matter they’ve come a long way since Ani was born almost 7 years ago. By the time Ani and Cameron potty trained I had fallen in love with Fuzzi Bunz. Back then they were a bit different than they are today and only came in white.

We used prefolds and Bumkins covers on Fritz for his first nearly four months. Then he got a bit too wiggly for them and not too patient during diaper changes so over the last couple months we tried out lots of different diapers. Most of them were pocket diapers. Some of them were okay, some were good, some were great. Fuzzi Bunz, bumGenius 2.0, and TK Cuddlers Cubbies are the best we’ve found. The best place to buy cloth diapers (aside from the Cubbies since those are custom made) is Abby’s Lane (tell her I sent you!).

Here’s Fritz trying to crawl while wearing a green Fuzzi Bunz.

And here’s Fritz playing with his new toy from his Nan while wearing a grasshopper bumGenius 2.0.


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