5 Month Old Baby

Fritz is 5 months old as of yesterday. He shrank in the last month. Poor little guy. His output was so high that even tons of nursing couldn’t keep up. Luckily those issues are resolved and his system is pretty much back to normal now that the problem foods have been removed from my diet (we’re up to corn, soy, dairy, egg, citrus, chocolate, peanut, and shrimp) and he is gaining weight again. He is currently 16 pounds 7 ounces and 26″ long. He still outweighs his brother and sister at his age, though. He’s also longer than they were. Cameron was 26″ at 6 months, Ani not until 9 months. I have short kids.

Fritz was really not into getting his picture taken yesterday. I took about 30 pictures and the best I got was this one (he was not interested in smiling for the camera).
5 Month Old Baby

He finally “told” me he was done with pictures when he did this and absolutely refused to look up until I put the camera away.
5 Month Old Baby


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