Blood Curdling Scream

I’ve heard other parents talk about their kids letting out a blood curdling scream and they just know something terrible has happened. None of my kids had ever screamed like that. Until Saturday.

I was downstairs and Jamie and the boys were upstairs. They were in the process of moving the encyclopedia bookshelf up to Ani’s room. All of a sudden a wasp appeared and started flying around the room. Jamie was in the process of getting the boys out of the room when the wasp just flew up Cameron’s shirt and stung him.

Now, Cameron will yell and whoop and holler sometimes, but the scream he let out after being stung can only be called blood curdling. I bolted upstairs yelling “What happened?” Ian was pulling off Cameron’s clothes while Cameron kept screaming in pain. We got him in the shower and Ian directed cold water onto the sting (poor kid… first he gets stung and then we freeze his back). I went and got the Children’s Benadryl and made a paste of baking soda and water. The cold water calmed Cameron down significantly and he took a dose of Benadryl and I painted his sting with the baking soda paste. Around the sting was angry red so we had him lay in the hallway on his belly so the baking soda paste would stay on for a while.

Jamie had trapped the wasp under Ani’s field guide to amphibians. It was not dead because the carpet was cushioning it and Jamie was much more concerned with helping Cameron than killing the wasp. So I went in there and stomped good on the book and killed the wasp. Mother’s revenge for hurting one of her babies and all. And then, being the good homeschoolers we are, I put the dead wasp on a piece of paper and Jamie spent time showing it to Cameron and explained what the parts were and where the stinger is and all that.

Yesterday Cameron said the sting didn’t even hurt at all anymore.


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