Another benefit of homeschooling!

Ani will be returning home tonight. We’re all looking forward to her return. She’s had a great week with her Mommis and Daddys (that’s what my kids calls my parents – we think it was Ani’s toddler abbreviation of Grandmama and Granddaddy’s and it just stuck).

My mom drove the whole way to NC last Saturday because my dad was feeling poorly. Sunday during the day they visited Grandfather Mountain. By evening Daddy was feeling bad enough that they started to go to the emergency room but turned around and went back to the place they were staying because he decided he wasn’t that bad. See, he had outpatient surgery to bust up kidney stones a little over a week before leaving on vacation. He had been told if his temperature went over 101 to go in. Well, they didn’t have a thermometer with them so they didn’t know if he was above that or not. Monday morning he was doing worse so my mom went and got a thermometer. Since his temperature was 103, to the emergency room they went.

Ani definitely did not enjoy the time sitting at the hospital, but my mom assured me she was very well behaved even though she was terribly bored. Monday (after returning from the hospital) they didn’t really do much. Ani told me she got to watch lots of cartoons. I told her to enjoy it since we don’t own a television. Tuesday and Wednesday they went a few places but still were low key. By Thursday my father was feeling much better and ready to get out and really do stuff. Thursday they went gem mining. Friday they walked a lot (3,000 miles according to Ani) and went to a trout farm to fish. Ani caught two 2-pound trout for their dinner. Today they are on their way back home.

It wasn’t until yesterday that I realized the benefit of homeschooling in all this. My mom was saying how lots of people would ask Ani what grade she was in. She’d pause and then say “I’m homeschooled” (about time she stopped telling people “4th grade” which is her self-proclaimed “grade”). Then I realized if she wasn’t homeschooled this trip to North Carolina never would have happened. She would have been in class most of the week (Friday was a holiday and I’m not sure if they have off for election day or not) and could not have just taken off for the trip with her grandparents like she did. Another excellent benefit of homeschooling!


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