Fritz is 3 months old

Fritz is 3 months old now as of yesterday. In a way it seems like he just arrived and in another way it seems like he’s always been with us. Either way, we’re definitely glad to have him. He’s 15 pounds 2 ounces and 25″ long. He’s finally started slowing down in his weight gain, but then today he’s been nursing pretty much all day (thank you, 3 month growth spurt).

Fritz is 3 months old

Fritz is 3 months old

And here we have two pictures of the little guy. The first only took 6 tries to get. He’s a baby that smiles pretty much all the time yet he refuses to smile for the camera. The second I like to call “Why are you making me wear this hat?” Note the crocheted blanket behind him. My sister made it. I was totally convinced Fritz was a girl but she suspected I was having another boy. She almost made his blanket out of blue yarn but decided not to just in case he really was a she and went with the light green. She mailed the blanket at some point after my due date but before Fritz was born and amazingly it arrived in the mail just a few hours after Fritz’s arrival! Since he was born at home we were there to get the package and wrap him up in his blanket right away. It’s one of those things that we couldn’t have planned to work out any better.


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