All she wants for Christmas…

Is her two front teeth!

All she wants for Christmas...

One of Ani’s upper front teeth fell out a few weeks ago. I’ve been hoping the other one will fall out before the new tooth grew in. It was loose but didn’t seem to want to get loose enough to come out. Finally today two incidents happened that helped that along. Ani bit Cameron’s back this morning. They were fighting over who got to hold the baby. Cameron did not notice that Ani bit his back but her tooth got looser and her gums bled a bit. Tonight Ani was playing in the nursery at church and her mouth collided with another little girl’s head. By the time I came in after my meeting, her mouth was bloody and her tooth was barely hanging on. I told her to go ahead and pull the tooth out. She did and now has a delightful smile and a delightful lisp.


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