A Lovely Lovely Birthday

Cameron had a great birthday yesterday. He is a whole hand old. I remember turning a whole hand old. It was very exciting.

We started the day by sitting for 15 minutes at the Metro station. Going after rush hour is cheaper but you may have to wait a bit for it to get there. Our station is the end of the blue line. It just so happens that the Smithsonian is on the same line. Of course it takes nearly 40 minutes to get the the Smithsonian since the blue line goes out to Rosslyn and Arlington National Cemetery. No big deal since the big kids absolutely love riding on the Metro. This was Fritz’s first trip on the Metro and he slept through most of it.

Once we arrived at the Smithsonian stop we headed over the the Museum of Natural History. We were all hungry as it was about noon by this point so we had lunch at the cafe downstairs. It’s expensive, but rather good food. I noticed they had some flavors of Odwalla juice in the drink cooler and Cameron and Ani chose Blueberry B Monster. Ani didn’t care for it, I drank a little bit, but Cameron drank more than 3/4 of it (about 14 ounces probably). He loved it. I still can’t believe he drank that much of it.

After a quick nursing for Fritz (he never nurses well away from home – he’s too interested in looking at the people and things around him), we went to see the dinosaurs. The kids loved the dinosaur fossils and were pretty good at guessing if they were meat or plant eaters based on their teeth and size. Ani’s favorite part of the whole museum was the bug zoo. She also liked what she called the “skeleton zoo” which is a bunch of animal skeletons. Ian liked the ice man display. I liked the mammals exhibit. Cameron liked it all, but mostly liked getting his birthday present. He chose a safari hat and toy binoculars. He was quite cute wearing the hat and looking through the binoculars.

Doing Jamie’s geology lab assignment wasn’t too exciting for the children. The minerals and things are nice to look at but hunting for specific samples wasn’t so fun. The big kids grew bored of it quickly. That is until they discovered a monitor playing a video about crystals and shapes and formations. They loved that. Ani also found a nice elderly lady to have a conversation with. They had a lovely chat according to Ani. The lady seemed to enjoy the chat, too. We looked at the Hope Diamond. I don’t know what I was expecting but it was rather anti-climactic. All these people crowded around the display case taking pictures and oohing and aahing and then I get to finally see the thing and, well, it’s a diamond. A big diamond, but a diamond nonetheless. I don’t like diamonds. I’ve always hated having an April birthday and so the incredibly boring diamond is my birthstone. I’d much prefer Ani’s amethyst or the sapphire or the ruby or the pink one that is Cameron’s. Nope. I get the diamond. Boring. The kids liked the simulated mine. We watched a video on volcanoes and Cameron announced that he’s really not so interested in volcanoes anymore though he had fun building a virtual one. The big kids really liked making “earthquakes.”

We headed back to the Metro station and this time we got in the front car. We sat in the area right by the driver and could somewhat see into where the driver was and we could see through his spot and out to the track in front of us. The big kids loved that. It made the trip seem a little more exciting for some reason. A bit more like a roller coaster I guess since we could see what was coming. Fritz was awake for most of the trip back and enjoyed sitting on my lap looking around.

Cameron wanted macaroni and cheese for dinner so we went to the Silver Diner. Of course he didn’t get macaroni and cheese. He got spaghetti with tomato sauce. Whatever. Tuesday nights as it turns out is kids night. There was a guy there play his guitar and singing. The kids all loved that. Cameron told the guy it was his birthday and the guy had everyone in that side of the restaurant sing Happy Birthday to Cameron. He absolutely loved that.

After dinner we went home. Jamie had to run to his geology class. He was only 5 minutes late so not too bad. The big kids played and Cameron worked on his building (Jamie gets pallets and takes them apart for wood for Cameron to hammer nails into and build his scuptures and things). Fritz was so tired he slept from not long after we got home until Jamie got home from class at 10:45 and then after being awake a few minutes he went back to sleep until 8:15 this morning. He was awake a lot of the day since he wanted to look at everything. I finished reading Ant Bully to Cameron and Ani (Cameron had gotten the book from my aunt in his birthday package) before we went to bed.

It was truly a wonderful birthday for a wonderful little boy.


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