A Little Halloween Math

When we got back from trick or treating Cameron and Ani emptied out their bags and Cameron immediately began sorting his candy by type. Of course Ani decided that sounded like fun, too, and started sorting hers as well. Ani got 9 Snickers (including mini ones) and Cameron got 8 Smarties after Ani gave him hers (she’s not fond of them). Sorting candy turns out to be very useful both for comparing differences in what they got and for trading to get the perfect bag of candy.

Exciting Encyclopedias

Our encyclopedia Britannicas are in the basement. It’s a half finished one and the kids are down there a lot. But the shelf they are on – that was in our bedroom in our old place – is warping terribly so I decided that’s not a good place for the books to be. I was trying to decide where to move them and I thought Ani’s room would be a good place. So I asked Ani her opinion on moving the encyclopedias to her room and she got extremely excited and said “I could read them any time I want!” Now, she can (and sometimes does, particularly the children’s set) read them any time she wants now, but I guess in her room the access would be easier and they’d be more like “hers.”

Sick Day

Yesterday we were all sick. Baby, big kids, and me. So I told the big kids to pick a show on iTunes. They picked Cyberchase and I downloaded all four episodes that were on there. I opened out the pull out love seat and they laid on there annd watched the videos. Later Cameron decided to watch some Rachael Ray’s 30 Minute Meals episodes we already had. He really enjoyed those and insisted he could smell the food she was cooking.

So we had a sick day. That’s a nice thing about homeschooling. There’s nothing to make up. What we were going to do yesterday moves to today and what we were going to do tomorrow moves to Monday and so on. We did read the rest of Gulliver’s Travels (great illustrated classics) but nothing else since we just didn’t feel good enough to do school. I think Ani did some math, too.

Learn to Swim Class

I signed Ani and Cameron up for a homeschool learn to swim class at a county rec center near us. Although we went to the community pool every summer for the last three years neither of them know how to swim. They both love being in the pool, though, and both want to learn to swim. This class is a half hour a week for 6 weeks starting early next month. The age range is 5 to 14. The kids are both very excited about taking the class. Ani was a little confused as to how she could take swimming in the winter and was very intrigued when I said the rec center has an indoor pool.

Finding his own solution

When we moved to this townhouse the lower kitchen cabinets already had child safety latches on them. For my older two that’s not necessary anymore and for Fritz they are not necessary yet but will be in a few months so I was glad they were there. I showed Ani and Cameron how to press on the latch to open the doors. Well, I guess Cameron got tired of doing that. The other day he went and got Jamie’s screwdriver and removed the latch from their snack cabinet. Cameron never said a word about it being a problem nor about his solution. He just matter of factly got the screwdriver and removed the latch and that was that.