The Arts: Reformation Art

Week 7 of school we learned about Reformation art using Layers of Learning, year 3 unit 4.

We compared Reformation and Counter-Reformation art.

We watched a video explaining a work of Reformation art.

We made prints.

We discussed The Blind Leading the Blind by Pieter Brueghel the Elder.


Science: Birds

Week 7 of school we learned about birds using Layers of Learning, year 3 unit 4.

We set up an experiment to dissolve an eggshell with vinegar.

It worked!

We learned about bird anatomy. Rae helped out by being a living model.

We examined bird feathers.

We watched a couple YouTube videos.

We made peanut butter and birdseed pinecones for the wild birds and hung them in the tree in our front yard.

We matched what various birds eat to the size and shape of their bills.

We dissected owl pellets.

November Spreads

I’m tired just looking at our calendar for November!

The meal calendar worked great last month so I’m using it again.

I like keeping track of the books I read each month and random thankful things I think of during the month.

The first and last weeks of the month are partial weeks, but I made them fit quite nicely.